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Focused Practice in Criminal Law, Traffic, and
Driving while Impaired- It is what we do. Period.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a qualified, experienced, and
aggressive defense lawyer who will fight for you. The Law Office of Curtis Alan Sluder
and Associate Vijay Nathan, are here to provide that representation to you.
We strive to be different from many other defense attorneys. We focus our practice
on North Carolina Criminal Law.  Not domestic. Not bankruptcy. Not Wills and Estates.
Just Criminal Law, Traffic, DWI.  This is our focus and has been since I began my office
in 1998.
I have successfully defended people who have been charged with misdemeanors
as minor as shoplifting and speeding tickets, hundreds of driving impaired charges,
revoked drivers license problems, as well as felony assaults, drug offenses, and property
crimes.  We have helped a great number of people get their drivers licenses returned to
them, and provide sound advice on how to negotiate the maze of DMV regulations and
rules to prevent losing your license again.
No matter what your charges are, I take your defense seriously. In my opinion, there is
no such thing as a MINOR charge. It matters to me, and should matter to you, as well. 
Please remember- you have rights. Exercise them.  Contact us today. 




Latest DWI Sentencing Chart 

Criminal Law Case Update: (From 2014 Summer Judge's Conference)

Traffic Ticket

Under 18? Getting a Ticket could mean losing your license IMMEDIATELY.

Court cost changes.

Probation and Sentencing changing in North Carolina 

Driving While Impaired

Drug Offense Changes 


We can help....
Speeding tickets, DWI, revoked license, drug offenses, reckless driving, hit and run, misdemeanors and felonies
We are a concentrated law practice, focused on Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Please browse our site- We have tried to provide useful and sometimes entertaining information about the
counties in which we practice, and some of the more common offenses we represent persons for-
Especially impaired driving, traffic citations, revoked drivers licenses, assaults, drug offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Traffic Tickets, driving while impaired, drug possession, criminal law, assaults, larceny,  felonies, misdemeanors, expunction, driving while license revoked, speeding, reckless driving, driver licensing
 Hendersonville, Asheville, Waynesville, Sylva, Columbus, Marion, Marshall, Brevard.  Buncombe County, Henderson County, Haywood County, Burke County, McDowell County, Jackson County, Madison County, Transylvania County, Polk County

Why your insurance company would love for you to pay your infraction online.

****PLEASE NOTE- the following information is repeated so that I can discuss via this website what will actually happen
if you pay your ticket online-  what the Sate of North Carolina does NOT tell you in the disclaimer they provide
on their website.  The text below is taken from the North Carolina Court System web site. It is re-posted here for purposes
of discussing the actual ramifications of paying tickets online, and discussing the POLITICAL implications involved.  

Please read my commentary  in yellow.




(From the NC Court System E-Pay site)

Paying Citations Online

Pleading Guilty/Responsible
By paying online, you are acknowledging that you have been charged with the offense/infraction noted in your citation by the charging officer. You are presumed by law to be not guilty/not responsible until proven guilty/responsible beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Paying the citation online means you are waiving your constitutional rights to a trial/hearing in open court, to confrontation of the witness(es) against you, and to representation by an attorney.

 It also means you will not have the opportunity to negotiate with the District Attorney, to seek a modification of your charge in order to save insurance money, or to take advantage of driving schools where available to modify your charge to a non-moving violation.

By paying online, you are pleading guilty/responsible to the offense/infraction charged in your citation and are tendering to the court the sums calculated as payment of the fine/penalty and costs in this case. If you change your mind about paying online, you can simply click "Cancel" at any time before clicking on "Make Payment."

This also means you forgo the opportunity to negotiate fines with the district attorney, consolodation of court costs (so you only pay court costs once if you have more than once citation) dismissal of one charge in exchange for a plea to the other, the opportunity to attempt to plead to a lesser offense.  There are also infractions you could pay online that will result in driver-license revocation, even with a clean record. 

Additional Fee
The N.C. Court System uses a payment processing vendor. An additional fee will be charged by the vendor for processing your electronic payment for this citation. This additional fee will be calculated based on the amount owed for the citation. You will have the opportunity to review the total payment amount before finalizing your transaction.

Finding Your Citation
In order to pay your citation online, you must have your "Citation Number." If you do not know your Citation Number, you can use the Citation Query by Defendant Name on the court calendar to search for your citation by your name. Citations are on the court calendar only if the case has been entered into the criminal system. A few days are needed for your citation to be entered into the system. Citation information is no longer available on the court calendar when the court appearance date has passed. Not all citations are eligible for online payment; however, most traffic citations may be paid online.

Call my office FREE before you pay your citation. If I cannot benefit you by preventing or minimizing insurance increases, I will tell you.  For example, if you have a clean record for the last 4 years, have been with the same insurance company, have no accidents and other members of your family on the same poilicy also have no violations or accidents, and you are charged with speeding less than 10 mph over the speed limit, you might be able to pay the ticket without an insurance increase.  You still forgo opportunities to modify your charge to a non-moving violation, but may not get an insurance increase for ONE VIOLATION. 

North Carolina has implimented a new payment method for traffic violations. Currently, only certain counties are using this program. 

This program allows you to pay your infraction violation by pleading guilty "as charged". When you do so, if you have certain prior violations

in the last 12 months, your license could be revoked. If you are charged with a moving violation, you will receive points on your license.

If you are charged with driving at more than 10 mph over the speed limit, you will receive an insurance increase at your next renewal date.

Before you pay your citation, call my office and ask for a FREE assessment of wether you should pay your ticket on line, and what we may be able

to do for you if you hire us.

Please visit PAYNCTICKETONLINE for more consumer information
on the actual consequences of paying online.

Traffic Tickets, driving while impaired, drug possession, criminal law, assaults, larceny,  felonies, misdemeanors, expunction, driving while license revoked, speeding, reckless driving, driver licensing

Traffic Tickets, driving while impaired, drug possession, criminal law, assaults, larceny,  felonies, misdemeanors, expunction, driving while license revoked, speeding, reckless driving, driver licensing

Our practice is the only Traffic and Criminal Practice in WNC to cover 9 counties along Interstate 40 and Interstate 26,
as well as Jackson and Transylvania Counties.

Interstate 26, Interstate 40, US Highway 19, US Highway 23, US Highway 25, US Highway 70

We provide representation for criminal and traffic matters in the following areas:

BUNCOMBE COUNTY: Asheville, Weaverville, Woodfin, Black Mountain, Swannanoa, Candler, Arden, Skyland, Fletcher
HENDERSON COUNTY: Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Etowah, Dana, Mountain Home
HAYWOOD COUNTY: Waynesville, Hazelwood, Canton, Clyde, The Pigeon River Gorge
JACKSON COUNTY: Sylva, Cherokee, Dillsboro, Harrah’s Casino
MCDOWELL COUNTY: Marion, Old Fort, Nebo, Lake James
MADISON COUNTY: Marshall, Mars Hill, Hot Springs
TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY: Brevard, Pisgah Forest, Rosman
POLK COUNTY: Columbus, Tryon, Mill Spring

CALL MY OFFICE (828) 254-9505, or Toll Free 1-866-276-1917 AND SEE IF WE CAN HELP YOU

*Please note, no attorney can guarantee the outcome of a specific case. It would be unethical for an attorney to promise a particular result and nothing
herein should be construed as such a representation.

Please contact us for a review of the facts of your particular case.
When you hire an attorney, experience is, of course, important. But it is just as
important to consider what that experience means. An attorney with 20 years of experience
means little to a criminal or traffic offender if that attorney has spent that time in a
government job not dealing with criminal law, or shuffling papers in a law firm, and not in
the courtroom handling the type of cases important to you. I have the kind of experience
that matters to you, if you are charged with a traffic matter or criminal offense. I have
been representing motorists charged with criminal and traffic offenses in Western North
Carolina for over 11 years, and almost exclusively doing that type of work. The vast
majority of my day is spent in court in front of a judge, negotiation with the District Attorney,
on cases just like you have. I handle cases in several Counties in WNC, partly
due to the fact that the smaller counties do not have criminal court every day- but I am in
criminal court- every day. I have built my law practice by focusing on criminal and
traffic law. When you hire my firm, you can rest assured that you have hired an experienced,
aggressive, energetic attorney who is very knowledgeable in criminal law and
traffic law. I have handled thousands of traffic matters over the years, and have learned just
what the Department of Motor Vehicles and insurance companies will do after
the court date is over, something the district attorney cannot tell you.
In addition to experience handling cases, conducting hearings, and fighting trials,
it is also important that the attorney be a good listener- a good listener will be able to hear
things that may be important in your case, and will know where he needs to follow up.
A good attorney also knows what questions to ask you- there are certain details of your
case, your life, and your circumstances that may make a huge difference in how your
case is handled and what the implications might be with the department of motor
vehicles and your insurance company. Having represented many defendants, from
all 50 states (and 4 foreign countries), I have learned through study, inquiry, experience,
and temperament. I will be glad to put this combination to work for you.
I know that when I have had a problem of concern to me, and any matter affecting my privilege
to drive is important to me, I have felt better about the situation once I understood
exactly what my options are, what the likely results of each option are, and what steps I need
to take to make my situation better. I will do this for you. Having the experience that
I have, along with seeing how things are done in multiple counties, my base of knowledge
the areas I practice is quite thorough. On a daily basis, other attorneys call me
and ask advice for their own clients. I have presented material to other attorneys at
ontinuing Legal Education Seminars, most recently with the NC Academy for Justice, at an
Asheville, NC Seminar. I have approached Judges and District attorneys to offer
experienced advice in my cases, and in the cases of other attorneys and individuals.
Why do 
other Attorneys, Judges, District Attorneys, and even law enforcement officers
come to
e with their questions? I suppose it is because they know that no attorney in this part
of the state has more real, practical experience in this area of law than I do. I work hard to keep
up with new cases, new laws. I study, research, and lobby our legislature for
changes in North Carolina Law. And, I suppose, people find me approachable, and easy to talk to.
Traffic Tickets, driving while impaired, drug possession, criminal law, assaults, larceny,  felonies, misdemeanors, expunction, driving while license revoked, speeding, reckless driving, driver licensing

Effective Criminal Defense Takes Experience- And More...

When it comes to effective criminal defense, experience isn't enough. I have also earned a reputation for success, integrity in the courts, and an intelligent, knowledgeable approach to fighting for my clients' best interests and rights. I won't judge you, and I will use plain English to explain the law, the possible penalties, and how your decisions will affect the outcome of your case. You will always know exactly what the prosecutors are up to, what strategies we will use, and how your case is progressing. We try to explain the charges against you, the possible penalties involved, and what outcomes you can expect, work to avoid, or work to obtain.
Please remember- you have rights.  Exercise them.

Traffic Tickets, driving while impaired, drug possession, criminal law, assaults, larceny,  felonies, misdemeanors, expunction, driving while license revoked, speeding, reckless driving, driver licensing

Click here for information from
ACLU Rights information

KNOW YOUR RIGHTSYou have rights- When you are stopped by a police officer, you have certain rights.
Many people are intimidated by the police, and often that does not need to be the case. You do have certain rights, and
you should not be afraid to exercise them. If you are stopped in your car, for example, you may be frightened and feel
intimidated. The flash of blue lights, the sound of the siren, serve to strike fear in most people. When the officer walks up
to the car, many people feel te need to talk, to offer information, and to do anything they are asked to do, without thinking
about wether or not they have any right to refuse. When you are stopped in your car-Place your hands where the officer
can see them- At night, consider turning on your dome light. Walking up to a strange vehicle is an intimidating thing for
most officers as well- they never know just what they will find. Placing your hands on the window frame will make the process
easier for the officer, and your cooperation at this stage will usually be met with some appreciation. Upon request, show
them your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. You do not have to answer any questions. Remember,
you have the right to remain silent. Use that right. If the officer makes you feel you must answer questions,
ask if you are under arrest. If so, ask for a lawyer, then resume exercising your right to remain silent.
Do not argue with the officer.  I have never known of any driver winning an argument with a police officer on the side of the
road. I have, however, seen many simple matters become much ore complicated based on what is said to the officr in an
argument.(Many people do not realize it, but the officer can write notes on the ticket that will not appear on the copy of the
ticket that is given to you. These notes will be seen by the district attorney when your case goes to court. It can be very
helpful if your ticket indicates that you were polite, even if you do not answer any questions or perform any tests for the officer.
If the notes indicate that you were very argumentative, you can expect that the district attorney will not be inclined to offer
much assistance.If the officer asks to search your vehicle, you can politely say, "no". The police must have a valid reason to
search your car, or your consent. Sometimes, when you are pulled over for a minor traffic violation, the officer may ask if
you have anything illegal in the car, if there is anything in the car he should know about, or if he can search. You do not
have to answer or consent, and you cannot be penalized for refusing to allow him or her to search.
 In certain cases, your car can be searched without a warrant as long as the police have
probable cause. To protect yourself later, you should make it clear that you do not consent
to a search. It is not lawful for police to arrest you simply for refusing to consent to a search.